Momoyo Nishimura is a Japanese graphic designer. She graduated from the department of design at Joshibi University of Art and Design, an established university in Tokyo with over one hundred years of history. Whilst she was a student, she spent a year in Mexico as an exchange student and studied interior design. 

After returning to Japan, she was given the opportunity to design Japanese teaching materials for The Japan Foundation. Since, she has created corporate identities of various enterprises and has designed more than 100 Japanese culture books during her career of 35 years.

 In 2005, she opened her own culture studio near the Imperial Palace called " Japanese Breeze" to promote the understanding of Japanese culture. Here, various easy-to-understand culture classes are being held for international people wanting to learn more about Japan. 

 Moved to Kyoto from 2015, and now reached the point of producing electronic books of Japanese culture in English.


西邑桃代 Nishimura Momoyo


1985年(株)FACOL(Fashion Color Laboratory)を設立。色彩研究、企業のコンサルタント業務、国際交流基金の日本語教材制作、100册以上の日本文化紹介の英文本の企画・デザインなどの国際交流関係の仕事に従事。




著 作

リサイクルと創作、江戸の暮し/Life in Edo、NPOとは想いをかなえる場、平成おばけいろいろ集め、江戸の粋、日本文化にトライ! 
Kindle の e-book 「日本文化シリーズ」英語版19冊 随時制作中。

あなたに似合う色・粧いを探す Fashion Color Lesson、東京人が見た京都・京都から見た東京